Hong Kong is a world-famous tourist city with many tourists coming to Hong Kong every year.  With the promotion of the persons with disabilities (PwD) by the United Nations, PwD should enjoy the equality and rights of the general population, including the ability to travel to the rest of the world with dignity and respect, freedom and independence. 

The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation was established in 1959 and is a government-approved registered charity.  For the promote human health, social participation and a conducive environment through innovative rehabilitation services and empowering people with disabilities or chronic conditions. 

Hong Kong's barrier-free facilities have been greatly improved in the government's legislation and promotion in past years.  To facilitate the search for information on barrier-free facilities in Hong Kong for disabled residents, overseas disabled passengers and the travel agents, the "Access Guide" was developed to introduce barrier-free facilities in many parts of Hong Kong. The first access guide was compiled by a voluntary working group in 1982 and printed into a book; it was also updated in 2004. 

In mid-2009, the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation conducted a survey on Hong Kong for PwD, major on hotels, eating areas, tourist spots and shopping malls.  The survey was sponsored by the Labour and Welfare Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government (Labor and Labour Bureau). The information obtained was compiled into the "Access Guide" website version 1.0.  This version is purely written and introduced to the content of the website.  It will be difficult for readers to fully know the information in the network. 

With the development of multimedia and map technology, in 2012, with the support and technical support of ESRI China (Hong Kong) Limited, we added multimedia and map technology to our website, including suggested barrier-free routes and related distances, and joining the map.  Like the Interchange Format (GIF) and video introduction, we have re-established our Hong Kong Accessibility Guide Version 2.0. 

In 2013, under the sponsor of the Labour and Welfare Bureau, the Hong Kong Access Guide Version 2.0 was re-established into version 3.0.  Thanks to the efforts of Volunteer Team from the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, accessibility information for facilities in more than 80 locations has been updated, including photos and videos of related facilities.  This website also reaches the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA level standard. 

In 2018, we received financial and technical support from ESRI China (Hong Kong) Limited. Thanks to the efforts of a group of enthusiasts with disabilities and volunteers, we successfully re-developed the Hong Kong Accessibility Guide Version 4.0.  In addition to updating the content of 65 locations (including beaches and country parks) and keeping the site up to the WCAG 2.0 AA