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Disability Assistance Dog

A Disability Assistance Dog (DAD) that provides assistance to passengers with disabilities, is allowed on most airlines. Please check with your airline before departure.

If you wish to bring a DAD to Hong Kong, a permit must be obtained from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in Hong Kong before arriving in Hong Kong.

A new policy has been introduced for the importation of DAD policy exempts DADs from quarantine and the requirement of 6-month residency in the exporting country/place on the basis of one blood test for the Rabies antibody, which should be performed at least 6 months prior to entry to Hong Kong. Such policy is applicable to DADs imported from all countries/places. Upon arrival at Hong Kong, the dog's animal health certificate issued within 14 days before departure (Form VC-dad) shall be submitted. A dog license shall be applied for at the same time. The dog may need to be vaccinated and microchipped if required.

To apply for the Special Permit, the applicant should submit the following documents with fees to the Department:

  1. Completed Application Form – Form No. AF240 (PDF format)
  2. Completed Declaration Form – Form No. PC102 (PDF format)
  3. DAD Certification – issued by the organization recognized by the official body to certify that the animals is a qualified DAD
  4. Rabies Antibody Test Report
  5. Completed Supplementary Certificate – Form No. PC103 or PC 104 (PDF format)
  6. Vaccination Record(s)

For details and download of application forms, please refer to the website:


In Hong Kong, dogs are statutorily prohibited on food premises, however, an exception is made to dogs serving as guides for persons with disabilities. It is advisable for visitors to confirm with the restaurant at time of reservation.

Disability Assistance Dogs are also allowed to board public transport in Hong Kong and access to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department's venues. They are recommended to wear an identity necklace in order to distinguish them as dogs for persons with disabilities

Wheelchair repair

Emergency wheelchair repair services are provided by different organizations:

Association for Engineering and Medical Volunteer Services (EMV)

Tel: (852) 2776 8569

Website:  http://www.emv.org.hk/services02.php

Direction Association for the Handicapped (website in Chinese only)

Tel: (852) 2330 6308

Website:  http://www.4limb.org/Materials/Materials.aspx

Hong Kong Wheelchair Aid Service

Tel: (852) 2194 9666

Website:  http://www.hkwheelchair.org.hk/services?pid=30

Tang Siu King Memorial Workshop (Wheelchair Repair Service / Appliance Work Service)

Tel: (852) 2391 6518

Website: http://www.sahk1963.org.hk/en_service.php?id=31


Services for visually impaired persons

Hong Kong Blind Union

Tel: (852) 2339 0666

Website: www.hkbu.org.hk 

The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

Tel: (852) 2778 8332

Website: http://www.hksb.org.hk/


Services for hearing impaired persons

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

Tel: (852) 2711 1974

Website: www.deaf.org.hk


Car parking for disabled driver

For information on street parking spaces designated for drivers with disabled person’s parking permit, please visit:



Discounted admission for disabled visitors

A 50% discount off the normal admission is provided to visitors with disabilities for most of the museums in Hong Kong. Proof of disability may be required.


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