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Method of Survey

An accessibility study was carried out to collect data, taking photos and videos from different amenities, particularly at tourist facilities and famous sightseeing spots in Hong Kong. The scope of the study includes the following venues:

  • Arts and Performance Centres
  • Churches
  • Computer Centres
  • Convention and Exhibition Centres
  • Food Courts
  • Hotels
  • Markets
  • Museums
  • Scenic Spots
  • Shopping Malls
  • Temples
  • Theme Parks

Field visits for updating the content were carried out by a team of volunteers consisting of people with disabilities in 2013. They had been trained to collect data for the Access Guide Project.

The surveying team followed a comprehensive set of measurement tools, based on the “Design Manual – Barrier Free Access 2008” published by the Buildings Department. Measurement of facilities at different venues were recorded, including the entrance, parking space, corridor, lift, disabled toilet, disabled guestroom etc. The data was analyzed in order to provide an accurate information for tourists visiting Hong Kong